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Digging for History

A story about the archaeological dig in Italy run by David George, classics professor and chair, and Linda Rulman, classics lecturer, and including seven Saint Anselm students ran July 16 in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

You can visit the Classics archaeological dig blog and podcast at

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Students Begin Archeological Excavation in Italy

Trench WorkAs first reported in this blog on May 7, seven Saint Anselm students, along with classics professors David George and Linda Rulman, have joined students and faculty from the University of Oklahoma Center for Classical Archaeology and Civilizations in Italy for a month-long archeological excavation.

You can follow the progress of the excavation by visiting the project's Web site at Throughout the month of June, the dig's participants will be documenting their experiences through their blog, podcast, and photo gallery.

Included below are links to some recent blog entries posted to their site.

Links ›› About the Project • Podcasts • Photo Gallery • Project Blog


Frescos etc.
Back to the Trenches
Meet Me in the Lab
Back to Work
Adventures in Firenze : Day 2
Adventures in Firenze


Footloose in Florence
Daryl Does Rome with Ian Levy
Diggin' Trench C
Laude in Urbis
Excavation - Day 3

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Students to Conduct Archeological Field Study in Orvieto Italy

In June, several Saint Anselm students will join Professor David George, chair of college's Classics Department, in Orvieto, Italy, as part of a month-long archeological excavation of a Roman villa. The age of the dig site ranges from first century BC to first century CE (common era).

Professor George and his students will document their experience by posting blog entries, photographs, and a podcast on their Web site during the month of June.

Visit their project Web site at

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