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President Clinton Challenges Young People to Address Inequality

President Bill ClintonIn a speech at Saint Anselm College on Monday evening, Former President Bill Clinton urged young people to address inequality by volunteering in their communities and embracing what they share in common. He spoke to more than 1,000 full-time volunteers assembled at the college for City Year’s week-long annual convention, Cyzygy 2007.

Clinton said politics needs to catch up so it can address a world that’s unequal, unstable, and unsustainable. The former president contributed some of the root causes of global inequality on stagnating wages and limited access to healthcare and instability on terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. He added that the world is also on an unsustainable path with rising global temperatures and a decline in the availability of oil within the next 100 years.

On conflicts across the globe, including the genocide in Rwanda, war in Sri Lanka, and conflicts in the Middle East, Clinton stated, “the people participating in these conflicts… have decided that their differences are more important than their common humanity.” Focusing on those differences, he said, is why disagreements about oil resources or religious beliefs boil over into armed, sometimes even genocidal conflict.

Clinton spoke in Sullivan Arena, which the previous week played host to both Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls for the CNN Debates, including his wife, N.Y. Senator Hillary Clinton. A fact Clinton acknowledge in his opening remarks.

“I got a big kick out of seeing Saint Anselm splattered all over the world last week. We had the Democratic Debate here and the Republican Debate here. Now we have a guy speaking that can’t run for president anymore.”

To hear a podcast of President Bill Clinton’s speech, click on the audio file included with this post.

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7 comments June 12, 2007

CNN Reporter John King Speaks With Students

CNN Political Correspondent John KingCNN Chief National Correspondent John King spoke this morning with 15 Saint Anselm College students assisting the network with debate preparations. The informal conversation covered everything from how King broke into TV journalism to his work covering six presidential elections and reporting from south Asia following the 2004 tsunami.

King explained the importance of getting outside of Washington and New York and visiting small-town America to get the real perspective on the issues. “The best thing you can do whether you want to cover city hall or the White House is to go visit a community you’ve never been to before and sit in the back seat of a school committee meeting and listen… that’s where the issues that matter are discussed,” said King.

On the current front loading of the presidential primaries, King thinks a spread out system of primaries is better for the country and for the two political parties. “There is a balance that can preserve and protect Iowa and New Hampshire and the charm at the beginning of the calendar and bring some of the [other states] up. How to rotate or regulate that is the hard part.”

CNN Political Correspondent John King and Saint Anselm College StudentsKing discussed how TV journalists in his position have to always be mindful of the information they are reporting. “If you are talking about stuff that is sensitive, you will, in the course of your speaking, move financial markets,” he said, recounting a specific instance where he was reporting from the lawn of the White House following the resignation of President Clinton’s Treasury Secretary Robert Rubins in July 1999.

TV is an entirely different medium than print. It’s in many cases radio, since people are going about their daily lives and listening rather than watching. On TV, you need to get people’s attention.

“An average TV live shot is about a minute and a half, so the pictures have to complement what I’m saying. I’ve got to get you to watch, so I need a line or two at the top that makes you stop what you are doing and look at the TV.” said King.

“You get one shot, so you better choose your words carefully.”

For the complete conversation in its entirely, click on the audio file included with this post.

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June 5, 2007

Students Discuss Their Experiences Working the CNN Debates

Some 51 Saint Anselm College students have been working closely with CNN on debate preparations since late last week. These students and their 10-hour plus work days have played a critical role in making the debates a reality. Students have worked with CNN's news anchors, correspondents, set designers, marketing and public relation staff, and others running errands, standing in for set checks (lighting, sound, video), moving sets, and many other important roles.

In the meantime, they've got to know many of CNN's on-air talent and executives and received an insiders view of all the work that goes into staging a major event like CNN's Presidential Primary Debates.

Cory True '09, a junior politics major from Augusta, Maine (and guest student blogger), had the opportunity to interview two students about their experiences working the debates.

In his first interview, Cory talks with Mark Grasso '10, a sophomore politics major. Mark started his week working to transform Sullivan Arena into a debate venue. He then moved on to assisting the CNN marketing staff with installing signage around campus and later to working in the green room of a democratic candidate.

Cory also interviewed Ryan Ollis '08, a senior politics and pre-law major from Dudley, Mass. Ryan also helped with the set up of Sullivan Arena working with the debate's executive producer and later worked as a stand in for CNN News Correspondent John King in the debate's "spin room." Ryan's highlight so far: chauffeuring around CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Click on the audio file below to hear Cory True's audio interview with two Saint Anselm students.

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June 4, 2007

Interview With CNN Lighting Designer Mike Poley

Debate Setup - Saint Anselm CollegeSaint Anselm College's Sullivan Arena, the location of CNN's presidential primary debates, is ripe with activity. I was briefly at the arena this morning and crews are hard at work constructing the stage's backdrop and staging, debate lighting, and seating.

We were lucky to grab CNN's lighting designer, Mike Poley, from Washington, D.C., for an impromptu interview about some of the work that is going into getting the debate facilities into shape for Sunday and Tuesday's Democratic and Republican debates.

During the time leading up to the debates, we'll be providing periodic updates in this blog, so check back regularly.

To hear the interview with CNN's Mike Poley, click on the audio file included with this post.

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May 31, 2007

Interview with CNN's Lucy Spiegel on Debate Preparations

Cnn Debate Set-upSaint Anselm College is buzzing with excitement as it prepares for the upcoming debates. This morning I visited the Sullivan Arena to find CNN and N.H. regional crews hard at work to create what is expected to be a beautiful set.

As I stood watching all the action, there were three rounds of lights raised to the ceiling, a podium set up, and the 40-foot backdrop frame completely assembled in front of my eyes. Several large red and white vinyl cubes sat like gigantic blocks waiting to be added to the skeleton-like frame.

While seats and platforms were also set up I managed to speak with CNN’s Vice President of Weekend Public Affairs programs, Lucy Spiegel, about the stage and her role in the debate planning process.

To hear interview with Lucy Spiegel, click on the audio file included with this post.

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May 31, 2007

Mark Sullivan Delivers Commencement Address to Class of 2007

Mark SullivanMark Sullivan '77, director of the U.S. Secret Service, told members of the Class of 2007 at Saint Anselm College Saturday to set goals and aim high, but to be flexible enough to take important detours.

“Class of 2007, go do something big with your education,” said Sullivan, who is a 1977 graduate of Saint Anselm, where he studied criminal justice. “Follow your passions. Take risks. Walk through the doors that open for you. Be flexible. Guard your character and your reputation.”

Sullivan recalled how he applied twice to the Secret Service before being accepted, but only if he would take an assignment in Detroit. He considered turning down the offer, but the detour led him to rich professional experiences and something more important, he said - he met his wife, Laurie, and saw two of his three daughters born in Detroit. His later assignments included protecting Presidents George H.W. Bush and William Clinton. He was sworn in as Secret Service director a year ago.

To hear Mark Sullivan's speech to the Class of 2007, click on the audio file included with this post.

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1 comment May 21, 2007

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