Father Jonathan Welcomes 540 To Campus

August 28, 2008

Members of the Class of 2012 Participate in New Student OrientationFollowing a morning of unpacking and meeting new faces, Saint Anselm’s 540 new students were welcomed to the college community by Father Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., college president (listen to remarks at end of post). Read more

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On The Road For Hope

August 23, 2008

55 Saint Anselm College students participate in Road for Hope chairty walk.Fifty five Saint Anselm students set off from Lewiston, Maine on Sat., August 23, beginning their week-long trek by foot to Saint Anselm College for the start of the upcoming academic year. Read more

What to Wear?

August 22, 2008

Since posting my first blog, I’ve been told that I need make this more than political punditry, but instead need to tell the story of the convention, inside and out. I’ve also been told that I ought to make frequent entries, keep them short and include pictures.

Leaving aside for a moment the technological issues I face having never owned a digital camera or used iPhoto, having begun the blog I feel compelled to write my next post. However, since I am on the ground in New Hampshire the only real question confronting me today in regards to the convention is, “What to wear?”

I’m not worried about what to eat. Having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease several months ago, and having since adopted a strict gluten-free diet I’m assuming I’ll fit right into the cutting edge cuisine of the convention.

My wardrobe, however, concerns me. My goal is to not stand out. Since my students have dubbed my day-to-day wardrobe “implausible deniability” I can’t wear my usual fare. Even though I am also an ordained evangelical minister, people often draw the wrong conclusion concerning my religious convictions since my day-to-day wardrobe is such that my family often walks far behind me in public. Moreover, since we are still paying college tuition, I can’t buy any new clothes for the conventions.

I’m putting myself in the very capable hands of my children, and it seems that the only pieces of clothing I own that will work is a pair of black pants, my “Flying Fish” Bono t-Shirt, and a trendy sport coat that somehow made its way into my closet. There is hope, however, that I can put together an acceptable wardrobe by borrowing clothes from my adult children and finding my sunglasses.

What’s not so clear is what I’m going to do for the Republican convention. I’ve got a call into my father.

That also raises the question of what I can eat in St. Paul.

Hmmn.I’ll keep you posted.

EuroChoir Sings Its Way Across the Continent

April 2, 2008

The Saint Anselm College EuroChoir, consisting of 34 students, spent the week of spring break performing in three European cities: Budapest, Salzburg, and Zurich.  The students, along with choir director, Fr. Bede and four chaperones, left February 29 for a whirlwind week around the continent.

The group touched down in Budapest and spent time exploring the historic city. They gave three performances at various churches, often becoming a tourist attraction themselves while posing for pictures in their formal concert attire prior to performances.

The group experienced some familiar weather while in Salzburg, where a snowstorm covered the city streets. Many students cite watching The Sound of Music while driving through the Alps after seeing the movie setting as one of the highlights of the trip. While in Austria, the EuroChoir sang in Salzburg Cathedral where Mozart was baptized. They also visited smaller venues where they used their voices to raise money in a benefit concert to support local music programs.

Then it was another six hour bus ride to Zurich where they gave two performances and attended a memorable farewell dinner on their last night in Europe–filled with reminiscing about the past and looking forward to future choir trips.

The trip was full of reconnecting with familiar faces, chance encounters, and happy surprises. Matt St. John, a junior Politics major, said that there were instances of people meeting relatives whom they had never had the chance to meet before. The group was also surprised by Saint Anselm students currently studying abroad in Europe—and for one student, by parents who surprised their daughter by showing up for a concert in Zurich.

Despite motion sickness, canceled flights, and sprained ankles, the trip was one to remember by all who attended.  St, John called the week a “phenomenal experience” and said that he came home with a deeper appreciation for both Europe and America.

Tinashe Mufute ‘09 Offers First Hand Account of the Crisis in Zimbabwe

February 26, 2008

Tinashe MufuteTinashe Mufute ’09 thought he was leaving for a brief visit home when his father picked him up at boarding school in late 2001.

Mufute was 14 years old and already active in opposition politics in his native Zimbabwe. Increasingly, however, the government of Robert Mugabe was fighting dissidence with prison, beatings, torture and death. Young people were not exempt from the violence. So instead of returning to his boarding school outside of Harare, Mufute found himself on a plane to New York to live with his older brother. He enrolled at St. Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark and because of the kindness shown by the monks there, decided to attend Saint Anselm as a politics major.

Hear him discuss his and his families’ experiences Wednesday, Feb. 27, at 4 p.m. in the NHIOP Reading Room. The event is hosted by the Center for International Affairs and sponsored by the Black Student Coalition

Today, his parents live Fairfax, Va., and continue their opposition to the dictatorial rule of Mugabe, someone they once considered a hero for ending colonial rule. His father, an accountant, is a member of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and returns to Zimbabwe from time to time.

Mufute still considers Zimbabwe home, although he has returned only once since leaving for New York. He majored in politics with the idea that he may someday return and help the opposition. But he is not sure when that will come to pass.

“To live in Zimbabwe today is to live in fear.” he said. “Millions of people are starving. Things are very tough.”

Andrea Berlin ‘08: The Hawks’ Foundation

January 23, 2008

Andrea Berlin '08 Andrea Berlin maintains she is still pleasantly puzzled by the sequence of events that resulted in her arrival on the Hilltop nearly four years ago. Read more

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