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BBC News Interviews Prof. Dean Spiliotes and Matt St. John '09

IMG_1996.JPGDuring last week's CNN debates, nearly 600 media descended upon Saint Anselm College, including a global contingent of reporters from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, among others.

Prof. Dean Spiliotes, director of research at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Matt St. John '09 were both quoted in a BBC News story over the weekend. A photograph of St. John was included with the story. You can read an excerpt below and view the full story at

Want to meet the next president of the United States? Move to New Hampshire and you stand a good chance.

In a country of some 300 million people, the state's 1.3 million residents are perhaps the most heavily-canvassed and targeted voters of any in the nation, bar Iowa.

Last week each party's candidates flocked to New Hampshire for the latest televised debates, as they seek the all-important nomination to run for president in 2008.

It's not for lack of attention on the part of the candidates, however.

Rather, such is the buzz surrounding some of the frontrunners that instead of meeting them at a cosy coffee morning, people have found themselves in a crowd of hundreds or even thousands.

Senators Clinton and Obama have attracted large crowds to events

Dean Spiliotes, director of research at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, says this has been particularly true of some events held by Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

"Early on some of Obama's advisors suggested in the media they would do something a bit differently from the traditional New Hampshire model," he says.

"They are still doing some of these larger events - but also the smaller ones. But it's difficult. Part of it is that they are popular candidates."

He warns it is important not to underestimate the power of retail, or face-to-face, politicking - especially in a state where the residents are very switched-on.

"Voters meet the candidates directly and in general, what we have found is that voters seek out candidates that they already have an affinity for," he says.

"Then they get more excited and so bring in their friends and their families and it has a multiplying effect. It helps the candidates mobilize networks of supporters."

Both the Clinton and Obama campaign teams have said they intend to organize more small-scale events.

That should come as a relief to 19-year-old Matt St. John, who moved to New Hampshire to study precisely because he wanted to meet the political movers and shakers.

"I realized it was a different world," he says. "I've seen every presidential candidate at least once or twice, I've seen Hillary Clinton, Karl Rove, President and Laura Bush."

"There are 18 candidates. If I go to 18 events and ask the same questions of them all, I will be able to ask the next president of the United States something that is important to me."

"It's an amazing opportunity to have as a 19-year-old."

For the full story, visit

June 11, 2007

Follow Saint Anselm Students on Archaeological Dig in Orvieto, Italy

dig photoStudents from Saint Anselm College join the University of Oklahoma Center for Classical Archaeology and Civilizations in Italy this May and June. You can follow the progress of the excavation by visiting Students will be blogging, podcasting, and posting photos regularly during the time of the dig.

The excavation project is near Castel Viscardo, a town located at the southwest edge of Umbria approximately 8 miles northwest of Orvieto. Preliminary inspection of the area indicated the remains of what seems to be a Roman villa. This ‘villa’ lies immediately at the base of the immanence on which Castel Viscardo is located.

Last season (2006) uncovered many intriguing finds which posed more questions than answers. This 2007 season will focus on expanding trenches and unearthing clues which we hope will help us to unlock the mystery of the site.

Included below are links to some recent blog posts and podcasts.

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June 3, 2007

Classics Professors Bring Ancient Battle Alive on the History Channel

Saint Anselm Classics Prof. David GeorgeWatch Saint Anselm College's classics department showcase its expertise on the History Channel this month in Last Stand of the 300, a documentary about the battle of Thermopylae.

Classics Professor David George helped write the script for the two-hour program and served as a "talking head" along with colleagues Linda Rulman, lecturer, and Matthew Gonzales, assistant professor. The release of the documentary coincides with the opening this weekend of the Warner Brothers film 300, a movie based on the ferocious, legendary battle.

The documentary premiered March 8 and will be repeated at 5 p.m. Saturday, March 10, and again Friday, March 30, at 8 a.m.

Last Stand of the 300 PosterThe battle of Thermopylae took place in a narrow pass along the Aegean Sea in 480 B.C. Three hundred Spartans, whom the documentary describes as the Delta Force of their day, sacrificed their lives to defend the Greek City States from a Persian Empire force of more than one million men. Saint Anselm's professors help describe the armor, the military strategies, the societies, and the warriors involved in this epic battle.

"After Custer, Thermopylae is the most famous last stand in history," the History Channel states in its promotion for the program. "When it is over, every Spartan in the pass will have sacrificed his life for freedom."

Last Stand of the 300 Links (from Limulus Productions):

  • Video clips
  • Still photos from the film
  • Documentary promo posters

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6 comments March 9, 2007

In The News: Ossoff and Spiliotes in USA Today

As the political scene heats up, Saint Anselm College political experts are offering their thoughts on the candidates, the issues, and the controversies to a national audience.  Barack Obama's political resume may seem a little thin to some and in "The big question about Barack Obama," USA Today asked if his experience is enough to qualify him to be president. Dean Spiliotes, research director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, told the newspaper: "Lyndon Johnson had a long career in Congress before becoming president, but history considers his White House record mixed because of the Vietnam War."  Spiliotes said, "What really matters is your temperament and your ability to make good decisions."  He said voters "make their decision at a very intuitive, gut level…. They have a mental checklist of what a president looks like, sounds like, and acts like."

New York Senator Hillary Clinton recently announced she would be exploring a run for the White House and USA Today ran a cover story Jan. 22, "Why some Democrats worry that she can't win."  Elizabeth Ossoff, psychology professor, said Hillary "doesn't fit the mold."  She predicted "a difficult but very interesting race. A lot of things are going to get brought up, and people are going to have to face their opinions." Ossoff also said Clinton will have to change her cold, hard-edged image in order to let people "see her and get to know her as a person." 

January 24, 2007

Finding Plato

"This nation's prisons are full of people who have looked for salvation and redemption and have found God. Well, thanks to a recently ended academic program at the Women's Prison in Goffstown, one inmate has found Plato. And she says her discovery has changed her life."

That introduction begins a Dec. 28 New Hampshire Public Radio story about assistant professor Edward McGushin’s unusual philosophy class. The program was held last semester in the Goffstown Women’s Prison, and was funded by the New Hampshire Humanities Council and Saint Anselm’s Consortium on Justice and Society.

January 2, 2007

What Would Plato Do?

Saint Anselm professors Elaine Rizzo and Edward McGushin were featured this morning on New Hampshire Public Radio's call-in program, The Exchange. You can listen to the show through the NHPR Web site at Provided below is NHPR's show description.

"Professors from Saint Anselm College are bringing the ancient Greek philosopher's lessons to the Goffstown Women's Prison. The goal: using philosophy to explain how we make choices. We'll explore how Plato's work can still apply to all areas of our lives, from politics to love. Laura Knoy's guests are Edward McGushin, assistant professor of philosophy at Saint Anselm College, and Elaine Rizzo, professor of criminal justice and co-director of the Consortium of Justice and Society at Saint Anselm College."

1 comment December 4, 2006

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