New Video Highlights Student Involvement in New Hampshire Primary

September 17, 2008

Be sure to check out the college’s newest video, which highlights all the behind-the-scenes action on campus leading up to the New Hampshire Primary, including the CNN Debates, ABC/Facebook Debates, and Fox News Channel’s reporting from the college.

The video is available online at and includes many interviews with students who worked for CNN, ABC News, and Fox News Channel in 2007-2008.

Author Azar Nafisi Speaks at NHIOP

September 16, 2008

Nafisi speaking at NHIOPOn September 10, Dr. Azar Nafisi, scholar and best selling author of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books spoke at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Read more

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Father Jonathan Welcomes 540 To Campus

August 28, 2008

Members of the Class of 2012 Participate in New Student OrientationFollowing a morning of unpacking and meeting new faces, Saint Anselm’s 540 new students were welcomed to the college community by Father Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., college president (listen to remarks at end of post). Read more

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The Love Train

August 27, 2008


It is Hillary who moves the nomination of Barack Obama.

The song “Love Train” fills the hall.

I got my roll call.  

Obama got his nomination.

What does it all mean?


I need to have a think and then listen to Bill and Joe tonight.


Where is Seth Meyers?  I need some more of his medicine.  


Random Musings

August 27, 2008

Several readers noticed that after filing several blogs in real time from the convention this evening, I suddenly stopped. This is due to the fact that while I had a media credential, I didn’t possess one of a pay grade that allowed me internet access.

So I borrowed Bloomberg’s internet connection until they decided they wanted it.

Another day, another lesson in how to do conventions right.

If I had access to the net all evening, here are some random musings I jotted down:

1) We found out that John McCain and George Bush are best friends. No fewer than 8 speakers said so. I wonder if anyone has told George Bush?

2) The Democrats are more progressive than I thought. They build aerobics into their convention routine. There is apparently a rule that every 10 minutes people stand up, stretch, and vent. This rule, however, does not apply to the press.

3) The word ‘change’ was used tonight 2,347,412 times. You can ‘believe’ (in) it.

4) I take back what I said about lack of ideas at the DNC. PA Governor Ed Rendell listed no fewer than 65 things that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will do in the next 10 years, including: eliminating all budget deficits, solving the entitlement dilemma, helping all of us get hybrid cars, eliminating the importation of all foreign oil, feeding the world, and keeping taxes low by asking the oil companies to function as a charity. (I didn’t quite make out the fine print)

5) If Warren Buffet can make the case that John Edwards ought to be served a class action suit on behalf of all the people who contributed to his campaign without him fully disclosing that he was behaving in a manner that would disqualify him to be President, how can Hillary Clinton not push her nomination to a floor vote today when the mere switch of uncommitted superdelegates could provide her the nomination?

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow, John McCain’s prayer life.

Note To PR and Media Department. I actually took pictures today with the digital camera. Unfortunately, since there is no 2 year old living in this home, I will have to wait until tomorrow morning to find one to show me how to download them onto the blog.

Any Ideas?

August 26, 2008

Blogging has acquainted me in a new way with the power of the Internet. Having never blogged before, and not being much of a blog surfer, when I was asked to do this I said yes without having any idea of what I was getting into in either attending a convention or in blogging.

Not actually having got into the convention hall, I still don’t have much of an idea about what that will be like. I do, however, have some idea of the power of the Internet.

When I opened my email inbox I was greeted with more emails than I have ever received in one night. I spent a half hour just opening emails. I’ve got emails from people I haven’t heard from in years, I’ve got emails from people I’ve never met, I’ve got emails from people in Europe and Asia.

While there are lots of different thoughts and questions being conveyed to me, if there is one theme that ties them together it is the question of ‘ideas.’

It is clear that readers have taken my earlier proclamation that I am no prophet at face value. Readers are not interested in who I think will win and why, but they are are really curious about what ideas are being discussed at the convention, and the debate the Democratic party is having about ideas. The 2nd most asked topic is the question of what is really going on between the Obama camp and the Clinton camp, which if I continue to pursue that line of questioning will undoubtedly lead to People magazine asking me to blog for them.

Since I am by nature a people pleaser (though this may comes as news to many), what I wanted to do this morning was sit down and write an entry about ideas.

I thought the first place to start would be the ideas expressed in last night’s speeches at the Convention. Since I wasn’t in the hall, I had to catch the speeches on TV, just like everyone else. After watching the reruns, I gleaned a new sense of why so many people were asking about ideas. For the most part last night’s speeches were not about ideas. There were compelling stories, there was moving oratory, and a tribute to Ted Kennedy that made me wish I knew him better. There was reference to ideas with which we are all familiar: the war in Iraq, health care, and the economy, but only in the most general of terms.

I then reflected at some length about my time since I landed, and I realized that the only people who have wanted to discuss ideas with me are not attending the convention. I have heard endless discussion on various news outlets about who will win in November, some discussion about what American’s think, but not a discussion of ideas.

So today, my mission, in addition to getting into the convention hall so that I can speak with Obama and Hillary delegates to gain unfiltered perspectives for my People Magazine blog, is to search Denver for a discussion of ideas.

This presents a challenge. In looking over the printed schedule for the day, it seems that it is top heavy with meetings (to which I am not invited) concerning winning in November and framing the issues.

It’s not immediately apparent where I am going to find a discussion of ideas.

But hopefully tonight I can report back with all the ideas that are fit to print.

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