In The News: Ossoff and Spiliotes in USA Today

January 24, 2007

As the political scene heats up, Saint Anselm College political experts are offering their thoughts on the candidates, the issues, and the controversies to a national audience.  Barack Obama’s political resume may seem a little thin to some and in “The big question about Barack Obama,” USA Today asked if his experience is enough to qualify him to be president. Dean Spiliotes, research director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, told the newspaper: “Lyndon Johnson had a long career in Congress before becoming president, but history considers his White House record mixed because of the Vietnam War.”  Spiliotes said, “What really matters is your temperament and your ability to make good decisions.”  He said voters “make their decision at a very intuitive, gut level…. They have a mental checklist of what a president looks like, sounds like, and acts like.”

New York Senator Hillary Clinton recently announced she would be exploring a run for the White House and USA Today ran a cover story Jan. 22, “Why some Democrats worry that she can’t win.”  Elizabeth Ossoff, psychology professor, said Hillary “doesn’t fit the mold.”  She predicted “a difficult but very interesting race. A lot of things are going to get brought up, and people are going to have to face their opinions.” Ossoff also said Clinton will have to change her cold, hard-edged image in order to let people “see her and get to know her as a person.” 

Fr. Jerome Day, O.S.B., Gives Benediction at Martha Coakley’s Inauguration

January 22, 2007

Fr. Jerome Joseph Day, O.S.B., offered his benediction to a crowd of 600 during Martha Coakley’s inauguration ceremony Wednesday, Jan. 17. Fr. Jerome joined his friend and former classmate as she was sworn in as Massachusetts’ first female attorney general. During the ceremony at the North Adams Museum of Contemporary Art, Fr. Jerome recounted fond memories and prayed for God to give Coakley “insight and skill.”

Both natives of North Adams, Martha Coakley and Fr. Jerome Day attended elementary school together — “friends from the get-go” says Fr. Jerome. The Drury High School classmates were also debate teammates; Coakley said debate helped stoke her interest in the law. Fr. Jerome is pastor of St. Rafael’s Church and assistant professor of English at Saint Anselm College.

Fr. Jerome recalled when as first graders they dressed as saints on All Saints Day; he was Saint Joseph and she was “dressed as Saint Martha of Bethany holding a feather duster because she was the patron saint of all those who clean up.” Martha had been cleaning up Massachusetts for years as Middlesex district attorney, Fr. Jerome said, and will continue to do so as attorney general.

“You have blessed with intelligence and knowledge. Give her now the insight and skill to defend and protect the citizens of this great and noble state under the laws enacted by their Legislators.” — Invocation by Fr. Jerome Joseph Day, O.S.B.

Pledge of Allegiance Fr. Jerome gives benediction Martha Coakley being sworn into office


Unexpected “Perfect Ending” for Apprentice-Style Dessert Contest

November 21, 2006

Molasses Sweet Cake sidebarUpdate 2: Although the Common Man Apprentice Competition came to a close Dec. 6 with Plymouth State University’s Bursting Blueberry Crisp on top, all was not lost for Saint Anselm’s New England Molasses Sweet Cakes. Common Man CEO Jason Lyon announced Friday, Dec. 15, the confection created by the team The Perfect Ending will become a signature Common Man dessert at all five restaurants. (Listen to podcast to hear how the dessert was created.)

Here’s how it happened. Following the competition, Common Man employees discovered customer comment cards extolling the Molasses Sweet Cakes. Meanwhile, Common Man owner Alex Ray discovered the molasses cookies himself while sampling competition desserts. “They are something different; a unique offering which the owners liked and fit with the restaurant,” said Lyon, who had earlier declared the molasses cookies his favorite.

Lyon arrived at Professor Fitzpatrick’s class with dozens of molasses cookies, just before students were scheduled to start their final exam. “What an awesome Christmas gift” declared Katie Douglas ’07 as her group lined up to receive their prize. Thus, what seemed to be a second “molasses tragedy” for Douglas, Josh Moore ‘09, Jack Reilly ‘07, and Jen Tougas ’08 actually turned out to be quite the “Perfect Ending.”

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The Dante Effect

September 22, 2006

Dante Scala, associate professor of politics, has been in big demand in recent weeks. Before, during and after New Hampshire’s Sept. 12 primary, Scala’s comments could be seen, heard and read widely.

On Aug. 30, he talked to the Boston Globe about how a critical story in Harper’s magazine might affect congressman Jeb Bradley’s electoral chances. “‘I didn’t see any kind of smoking gun, so to speak.’” Scala said. On primary night itself, he offered analysis on WMUR and the next morning he appeared on New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange. On Sept.17, he commented on poll results for Democratic congressional candidate Paul Hodes, saying “‘that’s pretty grim’” to the Concord Monitor. And he also discussed voter turn out and candidates’ prospects with the Portsmouth Herald. Scala’s political wisdom has also been carried by and The Telegraph

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