Those Were the Days

January 7, 2008

One of the best things about going to school at Saint Anselm College is the feeling that you really belong. Well, unless it’s N.H. primary debate week.

At other schools, students must show their IDs to a cop or security guard before entering their building. At Saint Anselm, students usually enjoy the feeling of a community; we move around campus freely, without having to whip out our IDs at every building.

However, this week was a little different. As all eyes were on our campus, the security increased. So much so that at some points the campus was closed off, completely. Even to us, the Saint Anselm students.

I figured with my all access pass I wouldn’t have this problem of closed off buildings and parking lots. But today I was stopped many times and had to explain that I was working for the college. When it comes to politics even the small college of Saint Anselm becomes locked down.

Signs, Chants, and Supporters

January 6, 2008

Campaign Supporter Area ABC/Facebook DebatesTo me, the biggest change to the campus came today. On the front lawn of Saint Anselm College a pen was set up to hold the supporters of the presidential candidates. I knew they were coming and as I walked down to set up the camera I thought I was well prepared. Read more

Behind the “Behind the scenes”

January 6, 2008

People watch the news everyday, but how many people think about the cameraman? Some may watch a live shot and then do think about the cameraman. How many people then think about the person who has to edit all the video?

I have been in front of the camera, behind the camera, and at the computer editing all this week. I have to say, even though I respect on-air personal, I have even more respect for the people who make it all look so good.

It has been fun going around campus taking video. However, the real work comes once we go back inside. It takes a long time just to import all the video onto a computer. Then comes the hours of editing to make an entertaining video.

There are many things that go into shooting and editing: lights and sound have to be taken care of; the shot has to be a good one; all the film must be looked at to decide which shots are best to use. Then, audio needs to go in under the film and music may need to be decided on. While scenes need to be edited for time or perhaps mistakes, and usually all this needs to happen the same day the shots were filmed. Who’s the superhero now?

Next time you watch the news, or next time you yourself doing an interview; think about the people who will make your video the best it can be.

More Than Snow Covers Campus

January 3, 2008

Rear View of Fox Box on Quad Looking West Toward Alumni HallThe Fox Box appeared on the Saint Anselm College Quad as students were finishing their finals last semester. As I left school not much had changed. However, when I returned a few days ago the campus is now playing host to ABC and Fox. This does not mean that these news teams were simply using our buildings. Students and staff all have roles to play.

In the Dana Center, Marcia Burns, Bob Shea, and Joe Deleault are hard at work getting ready for the ABC debates on Saturday. Tickets need to be sorted. When the audience arrives the tickets need to get to the right people.

Security has to control parking. Usually around this time of year the security crew considers these weeks a break. With all of the students home for the holidays, the campus is quiet. With the New Hampshire Primary this year that all changes. Some security guards who normally work overnights switch to working days. Some may even have the chance to work with Secret Service.

The Dining Services staff has the important role of keeping the work crews well fed. And with that, turning on a dime with grace to fulfill unexpected requests like pulling together a buffet-style dinner today for the ABC crew with just two hours notice. Even the president’s private dining room in Davison is being utilized as temporary ABC office space.

Students are working as stand-ins and runners for ABC. As stand-ins they must learn the traits of the candidate they are playing. After the rehearsals each student will become a personal runner for the same candidate. Other students are busy working for Fox News preparing for their New Hampshire Primary coverage much of which will originate from the college beginning this weekend. The normally quiet Cushing Center is now abuzz with Fox technicians and production crews as we wait for the Iowa Caucus to conclude and the for the arrival on January 4 of Fox News’ on-air talent.

Everyone at Saint Anselm College is working hard to be the best host to these news teams. I look forward to the future excitement to come.