Kathleen O’Toole Speaks to Peace Colloquium

July 13, 2007

http://www.flickr.com/photos/saintanselm/tags/peacecolloquium/Students taking part in the Colloquium on Peace, Reconciliation, Social Justice and Global Citizenship this month had the opportunity to talk with Kathleen O’Toole, the inspector general of the Republic of Ireland.

A former Boston Police Commissioner and Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety, O’Toole spoke of “Policing in a Democracy – from Boston to Northern Ireland.”

She said law enforcement is only a small part of the work of a police service – a term she prefers to police department. Police have recognized the need to work with a community rather than “fight a war on crime,” as O’Toole said she was taught in the Boston Police Academy.
This was the approach she used as a member of the Independent Commission on Policing in Northern Ireland (The Patten Commission), which developed a new framework for policing and security in Northern Ireland. At O’Toole’s insistence, the commission held 40 meetings throughout Northern Ireland to hear what people of all political and religious persuasions had to say about the police.

Four students from St. Mary’s University College, in Belfast, and seven Saint Anselm students are participating in the colloquium, which wraps up Saturday, July 14. O’Toole said that forums that bring young people from diverse backgrounds together more often held for executives and mid-career professionals, not students.

“Events like these are much more important because these students are the future,” she said. “That’s when I heard about this, I said, ‘I’m there.’ “

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Classics Professors Bring Ancient Battle Alive on the History Channel

March 9, 2007

Saint Anselm Classics Prof. David GeorgeWatch Saint Anselm College’s classics department showcase its expertise on the History Channel this month in Last Stand of the 300, a documentary about the battle of Thermopylae.

Classics Professor David George helped write the script for the two-hour program and served as a “talking head” along with colleagues Linda Rulman, lecturer, and Matthew Gonzales, assistant professor. The release of the documentary coincides with the opening this weekend of the Warner Brothers film 300, a movie based on the ferocious, legendary battle.

The documentary premiered March 8 and will be repeated at 5 p.m. Saturday, March 10, and again Friday, March 30, at 8 a.m.

Last Stand of the 300 PosterThe battle of Thermopylae took place in a narrow pass along the Aegean Sea in 480 B.C. Three hundred Spartans, whom the documentary describes as the Delta Force of their day, sacrificed their lives to defend the Greek City States from a Persian Empire force of more than one million men. Saint Anselm’s professors help describe the armor, the military strategies, the societies, and the warriors involved in this epic battle.

“After Custer, Thermopylae is the most famous last stand in history,” the History Channel states in its promotion for the program. “When it is over, every Spartan in the pass will have sacrificed his life for freedom.”

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Debate Team Brings Home Trophies

February 27, 2007

Saint Anselm College’s debate team is making the rounds of tournaments and bringing home trophies. Their topic for the year is federal policies regarding energy from renewable sources.

At Suffolk University recently, three Saint Anselm debaters (Nicole Thorspecken ‘09, Daniel Scholfield ‘09, and Michael Pirrello ‘07) qualified for elimination rounds and received top-five speaker awards, resulting in a Saint Anselm closeout with first and second place trophies coming home with the team.

In the Northeast Regional Championships, these three student debaters reached the semifinals. Pirrello and Thorspecken closed out the second round, again bringing home first and second places.

“To close out two final rounds in three weeks is a really special accomplishment for the students,” says debate coach Dave Trumble.

Tournaments are coming up at Central Michigan University, and the team is practicing for the final tournament of the year, the National Forensic Association National Tournament at Berry College in Georgia in April.

Warren Bamford ‘80 Named to Top FBI Job in Boston

January 17, 2007

Warren T. Bamford ‘80 has been picked to head the FBI office in Boston, which supervises officers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island, the Boston Globe reports. The former criminal justice major will start his job next month, coming from Los Angeles, where he has been in charge of FBI counterterrorism efforts. The story also quotes fellow Saint Anselm alumnus James McDonnell ‘81, a criminal justice major who is now second in command at the Los Angeles Police Department.

Mark Edney ‘94 Fights Death as a Soldier-Healer in Iraq

January 9, 2007

Major Mark Edney ‘94 is a urologist and general surgeon in the 399th Combat Support Hospital, a Massachusetts-based Army Reserve unit serving in Iraq. “There’s nothing like a 4 a.m. mortaring for a wake-up,” he said in a recent Boston Globe article.

Finding Plato

January 2, 2007

“This nation’s prisons are full of people who have looked for salvation and redemption and have found God. Well, thanks to a recently ended academic program at the Women’s Prison in Goffstown, one inmate has found Plato. And she says her discovery has changed her life.”

That introduction begins a Dec. 28 New Hampshire Public Radio story about assistant professor Edward McGushin’s unusual philosophy class. The program was held last semester in the Goffstown Women’s Prison, and was funded by the New Hampshire Humanities Council and Saint Anselm’s Consortium on Justice and Society.

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