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September 05, 2007

Sen. Sam Brownback Proposes Changes to Social Security System

Posted in: New Hampshire Primary, New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Announcements, Podcasts

Sen. Sam BrownbackIn this podcast, we feature a speech by republican presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, who spoke at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on September 4, 2007. During his talk, Sen. Brownback outlined his proposal for reforming the Social Security System, which includes allowing people to put five percent of their taxable income into private accounts.

In his plan, workers would have the choice to remain with the current system or have the ability to save and invest for their own retirement.

After his speech, the senator joined students and faculty for an informal lunch in Davison Hall where discussion continued on Sen. Brownback's proposed changes to Social Security as well as other issues (read related Union Leader article).

Sen. Sam BrownbackWilliam Shipman, co-author of Promises to Keep: Saving Social Security's Dream," and co-chair of the Cato Institute's Project on Social Security Choice also spoke during Sen. Brownback's appearance at the college.

Photos by Alex Witkowicz

Event Coverage: Event Photos | NECN Video | Union Leader | Boston Herald

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