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June 05, 2007

Eye of the Storm

Posted in: Announcements

We're awaiting some severe weather to roll through the area shortly, but the threat of downpours and wind doesn't stop the action. CNN crews have moved inside, their live shot is set up about 50 feet away from my table inside the press file center. Outside, crews are still busy moving about campus as we prepare for the Republican debate at 7:00 tonight.

This morning, Saint Anselm students were invited to join chief national correspondent John King for a candid breakfast conversation. Many of us then visited the CNN "Election Express" bus parked on the quad for a private tour. As of 1:00 this afternoon, many students reported to their supervisors to begin last minute preparations for the action coming up tonight.

It's hard to believe that about ten hours from now, everything will be over, and Saint A's will once again be our quiet college campus, and not the backdrop to an international media event.

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