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June 03, 2007

"Running" for CNN, Day 3

Posted in: N.H. Presidential Primary Debates, New Hampshire Primary

The debates are over…for today. Not to worry though, we'll still be here tomorrow, and again for the Republican debate on Tuesday. After the long hours at work, and the short nights of sleep, the experience is all of, and more than what I could have expected it to be.

Dedicated Saint Anselm students have diligently worked to represent the college, and it certainly showed tonight. Much of what you saw on TV, and even more that will only be seen by those who were on campus, was the product of a Saint Anselm student. From driving a guest to an appearance on the quad-based CNN studio, to ensuring that lighting was right on the debate set, and even some of the photography that accompanies this blog are the handiwork of the CNN runners who have given whatever it takes to get the job done.

Maybe it was while standing in the midst of the various campaign supporters outside of Sullivan Arena this afternoon, or perhaps standing on the floor of the debate hall as the candidates walked out onto the stage, it may even have been the first time that CNN displayed the "LIVE — SAINT ANSELM COLLEGE" logo on the screen as I watched from the press center…but at some point I realized how lucky, and honored we all are at Saint Anselm to be able to take part in the experience.

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