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May 31, 2007

From CNN: Saint Anselm Plays Big Role in New Hampshire Politics

Posted in: N.H. Presidential Primary Debates, New Hampshire Primary, New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Announcements

Saint Anselm College's own Anne Botteri was quoted on CNN.com regarding the college's prominent role in presidential and local politics. An excerpt of the story is included below. For the complete story, visit the CNN Web site.

(CNN) — A small Catholic college in New Hampshire is about to take center stage for presidential candidates hoping to woo voters during next month's presidential debates.

Already, the 2,000 students who attend Saint Anselm College are tripping over the presidential candidates as they make their way to classes.

"It is not even a little unlikely that a student at this college would meet the next president of the United States, not once, but as many as three or four times in an election cycle," said Anne Botteri, executive director of the school's New Hampshire Institute of Politics. "And that's a pretty exciting thing if you think about it."

The college is about 10 minutes from the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire's largest city, making it an attractive destination for candidates hoping to make a name for themselves in the nation's first 2008 presidential primary.

"My philosophy is if they want to come, say yes," Botteri said. "There are some weeks where we are literally doing things every day, or multiple candidates on the same day at different locations."

Botteri said that Saint Anselm has always been involved in the New Hampshire primary, along with other state and local races.

"The college is really, genuinely committed to rolling out the red carpet and having an all hands on deck mentality here for staff and faculty to welcome this," she said.

CNN is sponsoring the debate, along with WMUR-TV and the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper.

The Democrats will debate on June 3 and Republican hopefuls will square off on June 5.

Jane Maxwell, senior vice president CNN Special Events, said the network and its partners chose Saint Anselm partly because of its strong interest in the political process. "They're very enthusiastic, they have ample facilities. It's in Manchester, which obviously is where we want to have it. The campus is lovely," she said.

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