Chauffeurs, Actors, and Window Cleaners

January 6, 2008

Students have had the opportunity to experience first-hand, every detail that goes into putting together a production like the ABC/Facebook debates. The students have done everything, from chauffeuring news talent and candidates around the local communities, to acting as stand-ins for the debate rehearsals, to cleaning the Fox Box window so that it is pristine. This podcast follows Michael Perkins ‘10, Kate Giaquinto ‘10, and Jerry Cournoyer ‘09 as they experience what it is like to make this fascinating event come together.

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Inside the Fox Box

January 6, 2008

Finals week of the fall 2007 semester began with a large construction project. This project was not done by students but by hired professionals of the Fox News network. Their mission: construct the Fox Box, a semi-permanent studio for use by Fox News personalities like Brit Hume and Chris Wallace for live broadcasts. It will also serve as the venue for the Fox News Republican Forum on Sunday with Mitt Romney, John McCain, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, and Iowa Caucus winner, Mike Huckabee. We were able to go inside the Fox Box and take a behind-the-scenes look.

Signs, Chants, and Supporters

January 6, 2008

Campaign Supporter Area ABC/Facebook DebatesTo me, the biggest change to the campus came today. On the front lawn of Saint Anselm College a pen was set up to hold the supporters of the presidential candidates. I knew they were coming and as I walked down to set up the camera I thought I was well prepared. Read more

Behind the “Behind the scenes”

January 6, 2008

People watch the news everyday, but how many people think about the cameraman? Some may watch a live shot and then do think about the cameraman. How many people then think about the person who has to edit all the video?

I have been in front of the camera, behind the camera, and at the computer editing all this week. I have to say, even though I respect on-air personal, I have even more respect for the people who make it all look so good.

It has been fun going around campus taking video. However, the real work comes once we go back inside. It takes a long time just to import all the video onto a computer. Then comes the hours of editing to make an entertaining video.

There are many things that go into shooting and editing: lights and sound have to be taken care of; the shot has to be a good one; all the film must be looked at to decide which shots are best to use. Then, audio needs to go in under the film and music may need to be decided on. While scenes need to be edited for time or perhaps mistakes, and usually all this needs to happen the same day the shots were filmed. Who’s the superhero now?

Next time you watch the news, or next time you yourself doing an interview; think about the people who will make your video the best it can be.

The Day After

January 6, 2008

The Candidates GreetThe media, the security, the candidates, their supporters. Now, the (temporary) quiet. Saint Anselm College made history on Saturday, as Charles Gibson concluded the Republican debate and welcomed the Democratic candidates to the stage. For a few moments, all of the leading candidates shared the stage, exchanging handshakes and conversation. Read more

And the World Keeps on Spinning

January 6, 2008

Img1566.jpgI stood enveloped by the aroma of seventy-five different after-shaves worn by men whose weapon of choice was a very large video camera or a twelve foot long pole and microphone. Bright lights surrounded the hundreds of people anxiously awaiting the very exciting arrivals. These people promised absolutely no mercy when it came to getting their “perfect shot.”

This was the atmosphere that so profoundly filled the Spin Room, located in Saint Anselm College’s Stoutenburgh Gym. I stood in the very heart of the hundreds of media representatives, watching through camera lenses and physically pushing my way through to the front of the mass trying to get my own picture, my own story. It was probably one of the most exciting moments of my life so far.

I have always watched these herds of people moving about on television, but never dreamed I would be pushing just as hard back at them. Yet when you finally get in the mass that always reminds me of the stampede from The Lion King, you simply can’t help it.

Tonight’s experience in the Spin Room showed me the competitive world of the media and gave me a first hand experience at what it is to be a news reporter. It is a cutthroat business that forces you to put yourself out there. At the same time, though, you have a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from people who have made a name for themselves, such as David Westin, Kate Snow, James Pindell, and Elizabeth Edwards. It was a refreshing experience that I won’t soon forget.

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