Madeleine Albright on American Foreign Policy

October 27, 2007

Madeleine AlbrightIn this podcast, we feature excerpts of a lecture delivered by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on October 24, 2007, at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Secretary Albright spoke on American foreign policy, offered her view on U.S. diplomacy, and took questions from the standing-room-only audience.

Leading a distinguished career, Secretary Albright has served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and was appointed as the first female Secretary of State in 1997. Today, Secretary Albright is a distinguished professor of diplomacy at Georgetown University, a principal of The Albright Group, and chair and principal of Albright Capital Management.

Photo credit: Brian Wozniak ‘09

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Podcast Interview With Prof. Beth Salerno From South Korea

October 26, 2007

Beth Salerno in Korea

Can you imagine living in a country where everything you say gets consistently lost in translation? How about the feeling of always being stared at because you look so different? And could you eat food that you don’t even know how to pronounce?

Saint Anselm History Professor Beth Salerno is having just this kind of experience in South Korea, where she is currently living and teaching as part of the Fulbright Scholar Program.

In this podcast, we feature part one of a two-part phone interview with Professor Salerno from her home in South Korea. We discuss why she chose to go to South Korea and live within a culture so very different from her own, the tourist experiences she’s had, and what the food is really like.

She also tells me why she doesn’t always feel so far away from the United States when it comes to her students’ choice of attire.

Professor Salerno is blogging about her adventures in South Korea this entire academic year. She includes entries about her cultural experiences along with many photos documenting her life in Asia. You can access Professor Salerno’s blog at

Be sure to look out for part two of my interview where I ask Professor Salerno about living so close to North Korea, the South’s views toward its northern neighbor, and the first thing she wants to do when she returns to the United States.

Update: Part two of this interview is now available.

Photos courtesy of Professor Beth Salerno

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Political Analyst Stewart Rothenberg: Battleground 2008

October 19, 2007

Political Analyst Stewart Rothenberg at the NHIOPSpeaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on October 16, 2007, Stewart Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Political Report presented his analysis of the upcoming 2008 election. Rothenberg specializes in analysis of Congressional elections, conducting one-on-one interviews with incumbents and their challengers. A frequent contributor to national media including Roll Call, Meet the Press, Face the Nation and Nightline, Rothenberg also handicaps Presidential elections.

In his lecture, Rothenberg describes the national political mood and its impact on the electorate for the upcoming 2008 election and on the balance of power in Congress. Predicting that the Democratic Party will take the White House, Rothenberg also offers his analysis on a number of other factors and races happening around the country.

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Prof. Elizabeth Ossoff Quoted by Australian Media

October 18, 2007

Prof. Elizabeth Ossoff Quoted by Australian MediaSaint Anselm College Professor Elizabeth Ossoff was quoted by the Australia Broadcasting Corp. (ABC News) in an article that appeared on their Web site on October 17. In the article, she says she is not surprised Sen. Hillary Clinton is now directly appealing to female voters.

An excerpt of the article appears below. To read the article in its entirety, visit the ABC News Web site.

“I think she’s done everything she can to appeal to male voters in terms of packaging herself as very strong and decisive,” Dr. Ossoff said.

“I think she’s smart to work off of the fact that she has a large support base amongst women, why not play off of that?

“Because I think she knows where she is going to get a lot of traction, come the general election as well as in the primary.”

Dr. Ossoff says the fact that Sen. Clinton is the first woman candidate with a realistic shot of becoming president could have a strong impact on the presidential race.

“We’ve been talking about the role of the first prominent female candidate here in this presidential election, [but] I don’t hear that much talk about it amongst the American press,” she said.

“Every once in a while it will get mentioned when she does things like she’s doing today, which is moving around the state of New Hampshire and talking about women and women’s issues, but only then.

“I think its sort of the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

“The gender does play a role in the way that we perceive people and we like to think we’re beyond that, but we really aren’t, and we haven’t really been paying attention to that very much.”

Budget Deficits and the Soaring Cost of Health Care

October 15, 2007

Opportunity 08 - Hosted and Co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Institute of PoliticsThe Brookings Institute recently co-sponsored Opportunity 08 with the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. The forum examined key domestic issues facing presidential candidates in the New Hampshire Primary, including health care and the federal budget.

Former senator Warren Rudman was joined by expert panelists from the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, including Jennifer Donahue, senior advisor for political affairs, and Jennifer Lucas, assistant professor of Politics. Panelists from Washington, D.C., included Brookings president and former Clinton Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott; former Center for Medicare and FDA Administrator Mark McClellan; and former presidential advisor and Opportunity 08 co-chair Tom Donilon.

Video and audio coverage of the forum is available for download through the Opportunity 08 Web site.

Isabela Echeverry ‘06 on How “Dreamers Thrive”

October 12, 2007

Isabela Echeverry '06One of the highlights of this year’s President’s Society dinner was a moving speech delivered by Isabela Echeverry, a 2006 graduate of Saint Anselm College. Isabella described her dream of leaving Mexico to study in the United States upon her high school graduation. She was repeatedly told by people that her aspirations were too high and that “dreamers don’t survive.”

Despite this, she held out hope and applied to Saint Anselm College. Not only was she admitted to the college, but she was able to attend due to the generous support of college benefactors. Isabela greatly values her time spent on the hilltop in Manchester, N.H. She went from a little girl in Mexico who wondered “What if” to a graduate student at Columbia University in New York City who now asks “What’s next”?

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