Community Members Participate in Debate Watch Party at the NHIOP

June 5, 2007

Jay Severin and Michael Graham fans began arriving around 5 p.m. to ensure a front-row seat for the debate watch party on the big screens. Applause, laughter, and cheers have filled the NHIOP Auditorium this evening, as community members are fully engaged. Nearly 200 people currently pack the Auditorium, which has been turned into a make-shift radio station. 96.9 FM WTKK’s Michael Graham sits in the back row, actively pounding the keys of his laptop, prepping for the radio call-in show that will begin in about an hour. Jay just arrived from Boston, after finishing his 3 to 7 call-in show on TKK.

Following the debate, Michael and Jay will take questions from both the audience and via call-ins from cars and homes. Spirited questions are anticipated until 11 tonight.


2 Responses to “Community Members Participate in Debate Watch Party at the NHIOP”

  1. Jeremy on June 6th, 2007 12:11 am

    I’m just watching the Republican debate on CNN and I’m… I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m pretty sure all of the candidates just threatened Iranians with preemptive nuclear war. I also heard the majority of them support building a giant wall around the country and kicking 12 million of their citizens out (aliens). They started to talk about their religious views and how they didn’t know how the world was created, but that they were absolutely sure that God had done it for his (America’s) purposes… All the while, Wolf Blitzer is asking them the most inanely worded questions that have little or no value in a national political debate, and then cutting them off before they can say more than a slogan or catch phrase. What is this? Where are the intellectuals? Where are the thinkers that are going to save America from its downward, Empirical spiral? Where are the policy debates and suggested solutions for the major problems that that country is facing? It is very discouraging. Can’t anyone save them from themselves?

  2. Jeremy on June 6th, 2007 12:30 am

    Oh… I just read the transcript from the Democratic debate from Monday night. That’s where the intellectuals are. I hope that the people of the United States are aware and intelligent enough to vote for them.

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