In My Humble Opinion…

June 4, 2007

Since the entire media has already covered many aspects of the Democratic debate, here are some quick observations:

- It was disappointing to see that the CNN Express Bus replaced the view of Alumni Hall. Sunday morning viewers had a clear shot of the building, but by the afternoon that view was blocked by the giant bus.

- I feel bad for the CNN sound crew. Fahey’s mic did not work (twice) and the “back chatter” of the candidates could be heard throughout the debate. Columnists from The Politico, The Hotline, and others wrote on the topic.

- It’s disappointing to see little focus on the Biden, Dodd and Richardson. The Big Three were able to debate between each other, while the second-tier candidates were constrained. Even, Ray Buckley is complaining that NBC ’s fall debate better not follow the CNN route.

- Finally, a student from the Saint Anselm College student body should have been given the opportunity to ask a question.

- Brian “Cosmo” Lawson (’08)
New Hampshire Presidential Watch


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