Campaign Supporters Arrive at the College

June 3, 2007

IMG_1605.JPGT-2 hours and counting and the campus is full of satellite trucks, journalists, bloggers, and yes, campaign supporters. Despite a persistent misty rain, campaign supporters began lining up along Saint Anselm Drive early this afternoon. Its a back and forth, give and take game of chants, car horns, and noise makers.

Listen to the attached audio sample of some sounds along Saint Anselm Drive this afternoon.

Just as I was coming up the hill from the NHIOP, campaign supporters began to depart from their curbs along Saint Anselm Drive to an area in the vicinity of Sullivan Arena, the location of tonight’s debates.

IMG_1562.JPGEarlier this afternoon, I watched as the CNN crew and the many Saint Anselm students assisting with debate prep stood in for final lighting, sound, and camera checks and practiced in unison the changing of the debate set from podiums to chairs.

The Carr Center has turned into the debate’s press center welcoming 600 journalists from all major networks and countries worldwide. Stoughtenburgh Gym will become the focus after the debates as the candidates, campaign managers, and journalists use the building as a “spin room,” where debate performances will be evaluated and graded.

Stay tuned for more…

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One Response to “Campaign Supporters Arrive at the College”

  1. John Hickey on June 3rd, 2007 6:31 pm

    How can a Catholic College like St. Anselm justify providing a public forum for candidates who support policies that are so obviously contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches?

    We Catholics pray, work, and love for a world where all human life is respected, and where the sacramental life of the Church is lived joyfully. Candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties support polices like abortion rights, embryonic stem cell research that destroys embryos, capital punishment, gay marriage, and other matters that are 100% against what the Church teaches, and what the faithful lovingly labor to establish in our society.

    Christianity, since the days of the early Church, has always been — and must remain — a Gospel-motivated, countercultural force for preaching the Good News and establishing the Culture of Life. We should always make that our objective, because it is God’s objective. To that end, Catholic institutions like St. Anselm should not provide a forum to political candidates who support policies that hinder our efforts to proclaim the Good News and promote the Culture of Life.

    What matters more to the administration of St. Anselm, that their school bask in the secular fame and accolades of a presidential debate, or that they labor lovingly — if a little more anonymously — in the vineyards of the Lord?

    Quo Vadis, St. Anselm?