Mark Sullivan Delivers 2007 Commencement Address

May 21, 2007

Mark SullivanMark Sullivan ‘77, director of the U.S. Secret Service, told members of the Class of 2007 at Saint Anselm College Saturday to set goals and aim high, but to be flexible enough to take important detours.

“Class of 2007, go do something big with your education,” said Sullivan, who is a 1977 graduate of Saint Anselm, where he studied criminal justice. “Follow your passions. Take risks. Walk through the doors that open for you. Be flexible. Guard your character and your reputation.”

Sullivan recalled how he applied twice to the Secret Service before being accepted, but only if he would take an assignment in Detroit. He considered turning down the offer, but the detour led him to rich professional experiences and something more important, he said - he met his wife, Laurie, and saw two of his three daughters born in Detroit. His later assignments included protecting Presidents George H.W. Bush and William Clinton. He was sworn in as Secret Service director a year ago.

To hear Mark Sullivan’s speech to the Class of 2007, click on the audio file included with this post.

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Fr. Jonathan’s Commencement Address to the Class of 2007

May 21, 2007

Saint Anselm College CommencementFather Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., college president, talked of the lessons and moments of profound insight that students encountered during their four years at Saint Anselm.

“I ask that you take what you have learned here to assist you in allowing yourselves to see God’s presence everywhere in your lives, to develop a profound respect for all human life and to bring that kind of understanding to your families and friends and to the world of which you become part today in a new and exciting way,” he said.

“Even though when you leave this building today you will not return to live on this campus, you can remain by your choice a vital member of this Saint Anselm Community,” he said. “You can continue to be guided in life by the principles you learned here. Time and distance are not obstacles to remaining connected, to living well, to pursuing the good of others, to acknowledging gratefully the goodness of others and the good that others have done for us.”

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Amy Regan Delivers Student Address at Commencement

May 21, 2007

Politics major Amy Regan, of Buxton, Maine, gave the student address at Saint Anselm College’s 114th Commencement, telling her classmates the time to “indulge ourselves as kids” has ended.

“We owe people our hearts as nurses; we owe schools our minds as teachers,” she said. “We owe the business world our ingenuity; we owe our communities our moral strength as police and politicians, and we owe the world the service and hospitality demonstrated by the Benedictine community.”

To hear Amy Regan’s speech to the Class of 2007, click on the audio file included with this post.

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Emerald Russell ‘07 Receives Saint Anselm College Award For Service and Citizenship

May 21, 2007

Emerald RussellDuring Saint Anselm College’s 114th Commencement Exercises on May 19, Emerald Russell ‘07 received the Saint Anselm College Award for Service and Citizenship.

Included below is the citation as was read by Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., president of Saint Anselm College. For a video highlighting Emerald Russell’s work in Tansania, visit

Students all have a way of leaving their mark on a college. But every now and then is one who particularly reminds us that a life well-lived can entail getting one’s hands dirty in the struggle to cultivate human dignity through direct service and through citizen advocacy.

As so many potential students do, this year’s recipient went on a college tour road trip that did not have Saint Anselm on the itinerary. Traveling with family and a high school friend to schools in the south, the group somehow ended up here on a very sunny day. Disappointed that the southern tour had not produced a tan, she decided that the perfect place to make up for it was the lawn right in front of the statute of Saint Benedict. Whether through his watchful intercession or her own realization that this was the right place, she applied, enrolled, and today completes a journey that has been so very successful, not only academically, but in her own spiritual and human growth.

The recipient, who will shortly be a cum laude graduate of our college, managed to be on the Dean’s list of scholars every semester even as she devoted herself to a number of unusually valuable causes. From a primary school in Tanzania, to an orphanage and home for abused girls in Costa Rica, from raising money to build a sun-safe building for blind children to facilitating transcontinental medical visits to the National Institute of Health, from assisting New Americans to learn English, to raising awareness of the crisis of genocide in Darfur, from service in campus ministry and the office of admission to work in soup kitchens and preschools, our recipient demonstrated the care and compassion that are inspired by her deep faith and profound learning.

Because her concern for her brothers and sisters is as recognizable as her blond dredlocks, because her faith is strong, and because she balanced the power of her education with the power of her heart, Saint Anselm College is pleased to present this second award for service and citizenship to a member of the Class of 2007, a Psychology major from Winterport, Maine, Emerald L. Russell.

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College to Host Peace Colloquium July 1-13

May 18, 2007

orig peacecolloquiumgraphic 1

Update: Read Union Leader coverage in this blog post.

Saint Anselm College is hosting a Colloquium on Peace, Reconciliation, Social Justice, and Global Citizenship, a two-week, intensive, interdisciplinary, residential program in peace-making, non-violence, and global citizenship, rooted in the teachings of social justice. The program will take place July 1-13, 2007.

The colloquium will combine students from Saint Anselm College and Saint Mary’s University College in Belfast, Northern Ireland to engage in a critical, inter-disciplinary examination of the factors that cause conflict and violence and the strategies that build peace, consensus, and promote the common good.

Drawing from the disciplines of literature, communications, philosophy, history, politics, criminal justice, psychology, sociology, theology, and actual peace and reconciliation experiences, the colloquium will be structured in the style of a professional academic conference providing students an opportunity to interact informally with scholars and experts. This approach facilitates developing the leadership skills required to translate ethical and moral principles into action.

Field trips will enhance the classroom experience and enable students to examine civic dialogue in historic, contemporary, and spiritual settings. Recreational and social activities are designed to facilitate joint study, critical exchange, and intercultural learning.

For more information, including tuition and registration materials, visit the Peace Colloquium Web site at

Business Students Win ‘Rookie of the Year’ Award in National Competition

May 15, 2007

Saint Anselm SIFE TeamSaint Anselm College’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team was named “Rookie of the Year” by the SIFE National Exposition on May 6 in Dallas, Texas. Saint Anselm College was one of three SIFE teams to ascend to nationals from 80 new teams founded in the United States this year.

“Their presentation was very well received and they had numerous compliments from judges and other SIFE fellows for all they had accomplished in less than a year” said Tom Fitzpatrick, chapter advisor and professor of business and economics.

The team of business students won a berth in the competition after taking top honors at the Boston SIFE USA Regional Competition in March.

Saint Anselm seniors Katie Douglas, of Rochester, N.H., and Nick Anzalone, of Jackson, N.J., teamed up with juniors Brittany Gorman, of Clovis, Calif., and Regina Silva, of Bow, N.H., to present the Saint Anselm chapter’s first-year projects to a panel of six judges against 165 SIFE teams.

Gorman said of the competition, “More than any other country, ours supports free enterprise and has reaped its benefits…and it was exciting to be with other students like ourselves who care about spreading the values of good business.” Silva and Douglas, both of New Hampshire, agreed that they didn’t realize how large SIFE was until the awards ceremony on May 7, “it’s not just a competition either,” said Douglas, “but it’s about making a difference, and what students are doing is just amazing.”

The team’s projects included teaching Merrimack High School freshmen the value of business ethics and a free market and donating money to Coffee Kids. The Saint Anselm students also sponsored a symposium on corporate social responsibility which included speakers from Green Mountain Coffee and Turner Construction. “Going into it we didn’t know what to expect, we didn’t think we’d win, but it was great exposure to other groups and projects and to what Saint Anselm’s SIFE can aspire to be,” said Douglas.

SIFE is a non-profit organization on more than 1,400 college and university campuses worldwide.SIFE members merge public service with capitalism in projects they develop in the community.

“Before I went on this trip I thought that business students should employ some of what they learn in the classroom to the community to help people. We did that this year in our local community, and it felt good. But I realize now that SIFE is a tool to do more than that, we can use the force and power of a free market, to elevate the world’s standard of living. Being part of an organization that makes so many real world changes is something we are really proud of,” said Gorman.

—Laura Rossi

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