In The News: Ossoff and Spiliotes in USA Today

January 24, 2007

As the political scene heats up, Saint Anselm College political experts are offering their thoughts on the candidates, the issues, and the controversies to a national audience.  Barack Obama’s political resume may seem a little thin to some and in “The big question about Barack Obama,” USA Today asked if his experience is enough to qualify him to be president. Dean Spiliotes, research director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, told the newspaper: “Lyndon Johnson had a long career in Congress before becoming president, but history considers his White House record mixed because of the Vietnam War.”  Spiliotes said, “What really matters is your temperament and your ability to make good decisions.”  He said voters “make their decision at a very intuitive, gut level…. They have a mental checklist of what a president looks like, sounds like, and acts like.”

New York Senator Hillary Clinton recently announced she would be exploring a run for the White House and USA Today ran a cover story Jan. 22, “Why some Democrats worry that she can’t win.”  Elizabeth Ossoff, psychology professor, said Hillary “doesn’t fit the mold.”  She predicted “a difficult but very interesting race. A lot of things are going to get brought up, and people are going to have to face their opinions.” Ossoff also said Clinton will have to change her cold, hard-edged image in order to let people “see her and get to know her as a person.” 


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