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The Future of N.H.'s "First in the Nation" Primary

Dante Scala, associate professor of politics, appeared as a guest today on New Hampshire Public Radio's The Exchange. Listen here ››

Excerpt of Show Notes (from
This weekend, the DNC's rules committee meets to put the final touches on its plan for the 2008 nominating calendar. Word is that a western state or Washington DC's caucus will be placed between Iowa's "First in the Nation" caucus and New Hampshire's "First in the Nation" primary, and a southern state's primary will be placed right after New Hampshire's. Still, that's not the end of the story for New Hampshire, only the beginning, as talk of moving New Hampshire's primary up, even before Iowa's "First in the Nation" caucus is being considered.

We'll look at the possibilities of the new DNC primary calendar, its effect on our own primary and what Democratic leaders plan to do to save the tradition of our "First in the Nation" status.

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