Prof. Michael Dupre on “Trusting the Government”

May 25, 2006

Michael Dupre, professor of sociology and a research fellow at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, appeared on NHPR’s The Front Porch on Monday, May 22. The topic of the show was the balance between trust and mistrust of government when a crisis occurs and what kinds of events take place that can result in the scales tipping. The show’s participants also discussed some of the moments in American history when citizens’ trust was sorely breached.

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“The Da Vinci Code” Response by Profs. Kelley Spoerl and Fr. Benedict Guevin, O.S.B.

May 25, 2006

Profs. Kelley Spoerl and Fr. Benedict Guevin, O.S.B., both spent much time with journalists in May discussing the novel, The Da Vinci Code. It started with a New Hampshire Union Leader article about the Manchester diocese’s response to the novel. The front page story quoted both professors, who also appeared in an Associated Press version that ran in the Concord Monitor, and the WMUR Web site.

Spoerl, associate professor and chair of the Theology Department, also discussed the novel on New Hampshire Public Television’s NH Outlook (her interview starts at the 12:34 miute mark) and in the Sunday (Concord) Monitor. Fr. Benedict, theology professor, appeared on the Woody Woodland Show, WSMN-AM in Nashua, and WNTK-AM in New London. Earlier, he appeared on New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange discussing both the newly revealed Gospel of Judas and The Da Vinci Code.

Dean Spiliotes Appears on NHPR’s “The Exchange”

May 24, 2006

Dean Spiliotes, director of research for the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, appeared on New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange on Wednesday, May 3. The topic of the program, “Pump Price Politics,” included a discussion on the current state of gas prices and how it’s fueling political debate.

According to the program’s lead in, “gasoline prices have become the number one concern for Americans and for good reason, the cost to fill up at the pump is soaring and showing no signs of coming down anytime soon. That reality has lead politicians to point fingers and scramble for solutions as the mid-term elections draw near.”

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Radio Interview with Tarek Saab ‘00 From NBC’s “The Apprentice”

May 8, 2006

Tarek Saab '00Tarek Saab ‘00, a candidate on the fifth season of NBC’s The Apprentice, heard those dreaded words “You’re Fired,” during the May 2 episode.

Tarek, who lasted through week 10 of the show, offers some details about his experience on The Apprentice, his fondness for Saint Anselm College, and on his forthcoming book and clothing line during an interview with Charlie Sherman of WGIR Radio in Manchester, N.H.

For a written recap of the show as well as interviews, visit The Apprentice Web site.

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Students to Conduct Archeological Field Study in Orvieto Italy

May 7, 2006

In June, several Saint Anselm students will join Professor David George, chair of college’s Classics Department, in Orvieto, Italy, as part of a month-long archeological excavation of a Roman villa. The age of the dig site ranges from first century BC to first century CE (common era).

Professor George and his students will document their experience by posting blog entries, photographs, and a podcast on their Web site during the month of June.

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