Dr. Harvey Mansfield, Author of “Manliness”

April 20, 2006

Harvey Mansfield speaks about the topic of his new book, Manliness, during a public lecture at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Mansfield argues that manliness seeks and welcomes drama, prefers times of war, conflict, and risk, and brings change or restores order at crucial moments.

Considered Harvard University’s most outspoken conservative, Mansfield is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Government at the school where he teaches political philosophy. He has also written about the discovery and development of the theory of executive power.

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3 Responses to “Dr. Harvey Mansfield, Author of “Manliness””

  1. Dennis Naughton on June 20th, 2006 4:00 pm

    Dr. Mansfield’s views are as much on the cutting edge of the contemporary idea of manliness as Dr. Freud’s are on the cutting edge of contemporary psychology.

  2. Paul Noonan on April 3rd, 2007 7:13 pm

    There is no “contemporary manliness” — it is biological and does not change with the times — what changes is how we choose to employ manliness. Courage in the face of danger, detached reasoning under pressure, ruthlessnness and realism and tough insensitivity are all equally essential qualities today, so manliness is not redundant.

    The problem is, feminists do not know whether to embrace manliness and emulate it or reject it and denigrate it. We have blurred gender differences too much. We no longer recognize the uniquely different contributions manliness and femininity have to make to society, as women are too eager to repress any notion of difference, hiding behind a false notion of “choice.”

  3. Sweet Soul Caroline on May 21st, 2007 10:14 pm

    The most manly of them all is still Bill Kristol, who likes people to go fight wars for him and all his tribe, (he has a tremendous amount of thumos) but lying is manly… when it’s noble, noble in the sense that these are just human beings, or shall I say animals, wink.

    Yes good book written by a woman with ‘heightened consciousness’ or a person (Monster? God? Wannabe Philosopher?) who truly enjoys their view from the sidelines, so full of contemplation with ’smooth womans hands.’

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